Listed as a French Living Heritage Enterprise, Le Panyol is the only brand of wood-fired oven made entirely of heat resistant pure terracotta. Its characteristic ‘orange quarters’ shape appeals to those who want to go back to authentic baking – be it pizza, bread or a barbecue and can be built to look stunning in any environment. 

Whilst the build requires a good deal of (someone else’s) effort, the end result is worth it and a centrepiece that will last forever. More than a pizza oven it enables food to be seared, grilled, braised, browned, stewed, dried and smoked.


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Price Level: ££££ 



  • Rapid rise in temperature (reaches 400°C/752˚F in 1 hour)

  • Sustained baking capability of over 6 hours

  • Perfect combustion

  • Low fuel consumption (4 - 5kg of wood is enough to reach a temperature of 400°C)

  • Health tested and certified "Food Safe" (Certified Category 3*** by European directive n°84-500)


  • Choose the size of your oven: The Le Panyol model numbers relate to the internal oven diameter in centimetres. 

  • Decide on the shape and design: Your Le Panyol is delivered in sections and you assemble it as you might an igloo.

  • Select the surround material: This needs to provide a water tight seal and hold in the added insulation materials. It can be a render finish, brick or stone or even a mosaic tile finish. The choice is almost endless.

  • Extra requirements: We advise the addition of a flue. Your Le Panyol will come ready with a 'smoke throat' and 'smoke adaptor' on which to fix the flue. You will also need to add some insulation material between the final outer structure and the core oven.

  • Decide who will build the oven and surround: Your oven will need to be on a flat and sturdy base, ideally with a log store under or adjacent (see the Cedar Nursery Youtube Channel for help and ideas on how to build your pizza oven).


  • Core Oven

  • Refractory Mortar

  • Smoke Throat

  • Smoke Adaptor

  • 'Grog' base insulation

  • DVD instruction manual

  • Easy Assembly

  • For example, you can assemble a model 66 core kit in less than 4 hours thanks to a simple system consisting of archstones and a keystone (assembly time does not include construction of the foundation, veneer or chimney).