Alfa One Wood Fired Oven in Bronze (FXONE-LRAM)

Alfa One Wood Fired Oven in Bronze (FXONE-LRAM)


Thanks to the patented Alfa deflector, heat gradually comes out of the flue and ensures outstanding performances. The mouth of the ONE oven is designed to maximise the heat of the cooking chamber and to better rotate the pizza inside it.


The oven floor area covers 0.24 m2, it's dimensions being 60cm x 40cm.


Get the ONE oven right now and take it home effortlessly with the help of its small box 76x56x50 cm (30x22x20 in)




    • The Alfa Forni thermometer facilitates the accurate measurement of the temperature according to the type of cooking.
    • The door comes with a peephole for continuously monitoring food cooking even when it’s closed.
    • The cooking chamber is entirely made of reinforced stainless steel.
    • The double layer of ceramic fibre insulation used in commercial ovens contains heat and prevents the external frame from overheating.
    • To bake with the ONE oven, you just need small logs no more than 5 cm (2 in) thick. With 2 kg (4,4 lbs) of firewood you can really cook throughout the evening!
    • Always use the wood basket so as not to overload the oven with logs and to better manage the food on the floor.
    • The four oven floor firebricks are nearly 3 cm (1,2 in) thick to gradually absorb and release heat and to guarantee an impeccable cooking.
    • 50 Kg (110 lbs) of made in Italy
    • One minute to assemble it, one minute to cook!
  • Lead Time

    2 - 3 days from stock