Alfa 5 Minuti Wood-Fired Oven in Copper (FX5MIN-LRAM-T)
  • Alfa 5 Minuti Wood-Fired Oven in Copper (FX5MIN-LRAM-T)


    It is the wood-fired pizza oven with the highest sales record. The dimensions are compact. Have your meal cooked in just 5 minutes!


    It is a compact wood-fired oven for bread and pizza with castors conceived for easy moving. This wood-fired oven is designed for balconies, terraces and gardens. Refractory oven floor and stainless steel dome. Rapidly reaches cooking temperature (in 5 minuti)!




    Also available in Top with Base version.


    5 Minuti is delivered to your home almost ready for use. Complete the oven by merely inserting the flue and assembling the trolley with a few screws.




      • The cooking surface is made of interchangeable refractory tiles.
      • The stainless steel dome is designed to reach high temperatures while consuming very little wood.
      • Ceramic fibre insulation ensures long-lasting warmth inside the oven.
      • The stainless steel door is fitted with a wooden handle enhanced by an ergonomic grip to open and close the oven mouth without risking burns.
      • Temperature and draught can be adjusted by opening and closing the door. When the door is closed, the flame is weaker and cooking takes place by conduction and convection. The open door kindles the flame to brown food for a crisp result.
      • The pyrometer installed inside the oven indicates combustion chamber temperature.
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    • Features & Specifications

      • Cooking Surface Area 60 x 50cm, 3,000 cm2  
      • Ideal for up to two large pizzas
      • External Dimensions 120 x 82 x 68 cm
      • Weight 77 kg