Fontana Amalfi Line Wood Fired Oven with Integrated Cart (Amalfi_Cart_Wood)

SKU: Amalfi_Cart_Wood

This Amalfi Oven has a 80×50 cm cooking chamber. The fire surface is made of high quality refractory chamolette. Perfect for food use. This easy transportable cart version of the Amalfi Pizza Oven allows you to make convivial moments even more enjoyable wherever you choose.

  • Features & Specifications

    • Type of fuel: Wood
    • Chimney Diameter: 120mm
    • External Dimensions: 93 x 106 x 195 cm
    • Weight: 105kg
    • Cooking Chamber Size: 80 x 50 x 26 cm
  • Lead Time

    3 - 4 working days