Le Panyol Model 66
  • Le Panyol Model 66

    The Le Panyol Model 66 residential wood fired oven is the ideal choice for home use, with a modest footprint for ease of integration into any kitchen, deck, garden or patio. Featuring 100% heat-resistant terracotta, this is the perfect oven for lovers of quality food. Cook delicious, authentic pizzas and other meals with your very own wood fired oven.


    Le Panyol ovens can be installed in a variety of ways; please call, email or visit us to speak to an expert and to see our wood fired oven demo.


      Inner diameter


      Kit Contents:

      • Core Oven
      • Hearth tiles with 
        rounded front edge
      • Refractory Mortar
      • Smoke Throat
      • Smoke Adaptor
      • Insulated door
      • Stainless Steel Peel
      • Assembly instructions and DVD




      440 kg


      Min. space required

      110cm x 125cm x 60cm 


      Total height

      50 cm


      Inner height

      34 cm


      Cooking area

      0.34 m²



      10.5 cm



      43 cm x 22 cm

    • Lead Time

      2 - 3 working days