Le Panyol Model 83
  • Le Panyol Model 83

    The Le Panyol Model 83 is an ideal wood burning pizza oven for your home, featuring additional capacity and hearth space for larger families or those with a taste for entertaining. 


    Once up to temperature, pizzas can cook within 2-3 minutes in a Le Panyol, meaning effortless wood fired pizza party. Decorate it to suit your taste!


    Le Panyol ovens can be installed in a variety of ways; please call, email or visit us to speak to an expert and to see our wood fired oven demo.


      Inner diameter

      83 cm

      Kit Contents:

      • Core Oven
      • Hearth tiles with 
        rounded front edge
      • Refractory Mortar
      • Smoke Throat
      • Smoke Adaptor
      • Insulated Door
      • Assembly Instructions and DVD
      • Pizza Peel




      710 kg


      Min. space required

      150cm x 165cm x 60cm 


      Total height

      50 cm


      Inner height

      34 cm


      Cooking area

      0.54 m²



      10.5 cm



      43.5 cm x 21 cm

    • The Principle

      The operation of the Le Panyol oven is quick and economical, and perfectly suitable for either home or professional use. 4 to 8 kg of wood is sufficient for reaching a temperature of 400°C (for the 66, 83 and 66x99 models) within about 1 hour of combustion.  Because of the shape of the vault and the proportions of the opening the air enters through the bottom of the inlet and circulates naturally, ensuring perfect combustion, while the smoke is expelled through the top.


      The heat accumulates in the large mass of refractory fired clay, the efficiency optimised by the shape and thickness of the parts.

      Once up to temperature, the Le Panyol oven renders the accumulated heat by radiation. Over several hours, the food is evenly cooked by the accumulated and rendered heat.

    • Lead Time

      2 - 3 working days