Quan Rolling Kitchen
  • Quan Rolling Kitchen

    SKU: G-RK-B-QD- (C or B)

    Passion for food, premium design and the love for spending time outdoors with friends & family!

    A perfect combination of functions in one compact unit, the Quan Rolling Kitchen is the ideal outdoor solution for that bit of everything!


    The stunning unit consists of a 1000x1000mm fireplace, space for food preparation with easy-clean granite worktop, a sink (which requires water connection), drawers for accessories and room for wood storage below the fireplace. Powered by wood, the Quan Rolling Kitchen has been carefully designed with a number of channels and vents hidden within the structure to provide suitable & adjustable airflow. This clever design results in a more stable and efficient burning process, which causes there to be less smoke given off.


      Dimensions: 950(H)x2400(W)x1000(D)mm

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      3 - 4 working days