Sunstone Cabinet Kickplate SCC25KP

Sunstone Cabinet Kickplate SCC25KP


The Sunstone base cabinet kick plate adds the finishing touch to your new cabinet island with all 304 stainless steel matching #4 brushed finish. The side cabinet kick plate covers up the end opening 4 In. gap created by the cabinets adjustable legs, additional gaps may be visible depending on the adjusted height you have set for all legs. The panel is measured 1 In. width x 25 In. depth x 4 In. height, and is installed to the underside edge of the cabinet so does not add any additional overall cabinet width. The kick plate easily installs with simple pin-lock, just place and slide into position, no tools required, and is easy to remove if ever need to clean out behind. All cabinets already come with a front and back kick plate – this one seals the final end of cabinet and is important in every cabinet island for providing a finished look.

  • Lead Time

    2 weeks