Sunstone Cabinet with 3 Drawers - excludes worktop (SBC18STD)
  • Sunstone Cabinet with 3 Drawers - excludes worktop (SBC18STD)


    The Sunstone 18 In. Triple all Soft-Closing Drawer Cabinet offers spacious drawers, with the top being the smallest at 6 In. Height then progressively Larger going down to 8 In. and 14 In. Height for the Bottom Drawer. This is the most Popular and Perfectly Sized cabinet to fit your requirements, just imagine storing all your Cutlery, Knives, & BBQ Tools in Top Drawer, Towels, and BBQ Sauces or Spices in Middle Drawer. Lastly all your large Pans and BBQ Grill Accessories in the Bottom Drawer – easily concealing all your important items safely away and out of sight. The Cabinet is designed to Blend perfectly with most other industry Brands, BBQ Grills and Components with its even toned Number 4 Horizontal Light Brushed Finishes, all 304 Stainless Steel Construction and Large 304 Stainless Steel Rod Handles. Install this Cabinet in a Group or on its own, with stacked stone on either side, it makes no difference, cabinet is finished on the back panel, so it works great either against a wall, or in the open and or even as a moving cart with optional wheel casters.

    • Lead Time

      2 weeks