Sunstone Multifunction Cabinet (Ice Chest/Paper Holder/Cutlery Drawer-SBC18DPIC)
  • Sunstone Multifunction Cabinet (Ice Chest/Paper Holder/Cutlery Drawer-SBC18DPIC)


    The Sunstone® Multifunctional Cabinet is a combo with paper towel holder/cutlery drawer, a large cutting board and all fully insulated lower ice chest and dry storage drawer with swivel drain. The top paper towel will tilt-out and by reaching in above holder slide the large cutlery drawer out, the cutting board squares perfectly inside the drawer concealing all knives, forks and towels you may have. The lower ice chest drawer is double walled and fully insulated. The bottom drain comes with a plug allowing you to install plumbing or simply attach a garden hose. The Ice chest drawer can also be used as a dry storage.


    – 304 Stainless Steel Structure and Rod Handles
    – Easy Pin-Lock Installation
    – Removable Counter Rail
    – Covered Access Ports
    – Replaceable Face Panel
    – Soft-Close Style Drawers with Rain-Gutters
    – Dry Storage Weather Stripping
    – 4 Adjustable Peg-Legs (Optional Wheel Casters)
    – Front and Back Kick Plates

    • Lead Time

      2 weeks

    • Technical Specifications

      Product Dimensions (cm): 45,72W x 71,76D x 87,63H (w/legs); 77,47H (w/o legs)
      Weight (kg): 49,9
      Package Dimensions (cm): 78,74W x 53,34L x 91,44H
      Weight (kg): 53,98